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Are Apple events the new Friday for tech PRs? During the Apple iPad mini announcement this week, social gaming company Zynga thought the event would be a good time to bury bad news. Still, the Next Web picked up on the news after some ex-Zynga staffers tweeted that 100 people had been fired with about 2 hours notice (normal for the US and I remember it well from my AOL days when I’d had a conference call with colleagues in the US at midday and by the evening they’d been let go). 

For a case study on how to attack your opponent in a speech and then make sure that attack keeps going on social, watch this brilliant clip of Barack Obama coining the term ‘Romnesia’ and then read up on how Team Barack made sure it kept going on Twitter, getting the hashtag #Romnesia to trend worldwide that same day. Also, how good is the ‘pre-existing conditions’ line? Zing!

Read this: Social media strategy explained in one slide.

Some mind-boggling (and frankly scary) stats about how children use the web and mobile from Ofcom this week:

  • Texting is most prolific among 12-15 year olds, who say they are sending an average of 193 texts every week (doubled vs. last year!) and is almost four times as much as the UK average of 50 texts per week
  • Girls text 35% more than boys
  • The average 8-11 year old sends 41 texts each week (doubled vs. last year!)
  • For the first time, 12-15 year olds are spending as much time on the internet as they do watching TV – that’s 17 hours each

Just a little bit more proof on ‘Dark Social’ from “Add This” – the guys that build sharing buttons for website: 70-95% of all link-sharing occurs by copying and pasting a URL, not by clicking a button on the page.

A quick and useful presentation about some of the things you should remember when using Facebook for marketing: A page isn’t a destination, it isn’t a community and almost no one sees fan-posts. Remember to think about how posts will work as part of the newsfeed and the ever increasing mobile usage (some Facebook features like tabs aren’t accessible on mobile!).

Also useful is this great infographic from Vi Knallgrau looking at the performance of Facebook posts from 50 consumer and 50 retail brands in Germany, Austria and Switzerland over a four week period.

Using Twitter to map London’s languages: using GPS data embedded in tweets and by tracking the language they were written in feeds this beautiful graphical representation of how multilingual London really is. English tweets dominate (unsurprisingly) and they provide crisp outlines to roads and train lines as people tweet on the move. Towards the north, more Turkish tweets (blue) appear, Arabic tweets (green) are most common around Edgware Road and there are pockets of Russian tweets (pink) in parts of central London. The geography of the French tweets (red) is perhaps most surprising as they appear to exist in high density pockets around the centre and don’t stand out in South Kensington (an area with the Institut Francais, a French High School and the French Embassy).

Also, did you know that if you use Twitter, you are smarter than those simpletons on Facebook or other social networks? So says a study from Australia. “We found that, while LinkedIn is often thought to be the tool of professionals, those who preferred Twitter were also those with the highest cognitive abilities. To really engage with Twitter requires lateral thinking and attention. It’s an ever-changing, information sharing platform and does require a greater degree of attention, concentration and the ability to retain, organise and apply information And to drill down a complex thought into 140 characters or fewer requires problem solving skills and clarity of thought.” I said last week that I use Twitter, didn’t I? I’m sure I did.

And finally: the lowly button get’s a tech upgrade.

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